Drawing Development

Particular Portrait

This was a home project to develop my portrait drawing technique. FOr the last several months my drawing has either been relatively quick in the life drawing class or oriented to helping me get started for a painting. In particular I have tended to focus on the structure of the thing that I am looking at and where one plane turns into the next one. Whilst I find it very useful in developing a painting, it results in a very particular type of image. I wanted to go back and look at drawing where the drawing is the end product, more tonally oriented. You can see both types on this page.

The image is made up of a series of scribbles, built up in layers to form a tonal and structural pencil painting. The pencil is both creating one, but also the directions of the marks is saying something about the direction of the plane and more importantly the change in plane compared to the one next to it.

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