I trained as a portrait painter, with a particular focus on oil painting.  Some of my work on this website is Oil on Canvas.  However, more recently I have focused on Digital Painting by Hand, captured by Dye Sublimation in Aluminium. 


I approach this very much in the same way that I do an oil painting, building the image up in layers, scraping back and over-painting. Letting the image settle and coming back to work and rework again and again until the painting is concluded. As a process it is more engaging and focused on the process of creation.  There is less time spent on the craft aspects of canvas preparation, paint mixing, cleaning and so on.  It is also kinder on the environment, many oil paint pigments and most thinners are poisonous and get out into the environment more generally as well as concentrating in the studio.  From a personal perspective it also allows me to take my working space with me in a convenient and easy to access way, allowing me to sketch and paint whenever and wherever some particular piece of inspiration comes up.

Limited Edition Aluminium Prints

I print the final images to aluminium in limited runs of 5.  The printing uses a dye sublimation process, where the dyes are absorbed into the surface layers of the aluminium, creating a robust, rich and professional finish.  The light fastness is excellent and the surfaces are resistant to wear and tear.  Free trial period available - Ask the artist