Steve Duncan - anatomy 2011

Direct Drawing

We started the term with a great week focused on anatomical drawing taught by Steve Duncan. Steve is a sculptor specialising in human anatomy and its representation. The week was taught in detail and despite having a good amount of theoretical and physical experience in anatomy, I got a lot from it.

I guess that the key learning was to understand the value of knowing what to expect to see and understand how that is translating into what you are actually seeing. I would like to do a lot more practise of this, perhaps I should focus on self drawing.

I also used the week to focus on my drawing technique. Most of my usual drawing is preliminary to painting rather than an end in itself and I do that by focusing on where forms break. Here the drawings are an end to them selves and I was experimenting with very direct mark making and using different types of marks, especially linear shading overlapping where appropriate and line.

HeatherlyPatrick Earle