In the Particular

Own Time

This is the next experimental portrait that I did of Fiona. The point was to build the picture based off marks initially made all over the canvas, with large square brushes. Ultimately, bringing it all together with hogs hair rounds, linking up the various passages and integrating the image, as well as building up the paint more thickly. This process seems to be giving good results for me, at least so far. In my mind this is the best picture that I have done and more importantly it is the first one of Fiona that she likes. Every time I threaten to do some more to it she rushes to stop me.

I am really liking the combined palette of traditional earth colours, alongside passages and mixes using a combination of Viridian and Alizarin. For those that follow my interest in only using non toxic paint. The form of Chromium used in Viridian and Chromium Oxide green is the stable and believed to be non toxic Chromium III (it is used naturally in the body), rather than the highly toxic Chromium VI.

HeatherlyPatrick Earle