3 people 1 portrait

Mr Heatherley 1

I am starting a project to paint a portrait including three whole figures.  This is the initial composition of my family sitting together on a bean bag in the studio.  I am using the straight lines around the edges to provide a more interesting framing and lead into the main parts of the picture.

Overall, the composition is about linear contrasts and conflicts, the lines of the floor , window, table and rug set against each other and against the linear diagonals of the family’s position, cut across by Guy’s leg.  This is compounded by the contrast of the linearity of the environment against the organic structures and movement of the figures and the bean bag.

The picture is contra jour so the play of light on the floor is dramatic as will be the shadows in the figures, offset by small bits of light touching the edges.  Lily, Guy and Fiona have sat in these positions for quite a while and it shows in their physical relaxation and the juxtaposition of their comfort with each others proximity and some creeping boredom with being their for me!

HeatherlyPatrick Earle