Linda Nugent - fast pics

Quick impact portraits

I got more interesting portraits from this project with Linda Nugent than any other, as well as a renewal of my own energy and enthusiasm.  The project was about free and direct statements.  Linda Nugent gave us 3 weeks that had a big impact on the group.

The main parts of the project were to do quick paintings, 10-39 minutes rather like quick poses from the life class.  In addition we did exercises on mixing greys.  The objective was to find intuitive ways to get to visual equivalents of what is seen as well as to explore lots of different compositions.  There was no time to think about what we were doing, over mix the colours, or to over paint.  The results were interesting, evocative, creative, high energy and high impact paintings.

Overall, I did about 30 paintings during the project, all on button polish covered paper.  There are a few of those paintings on this page, and also on the next page.  It made me realise that doing pictures like this as a regular part of my painting would be a good idea, a way to stay fresh and strong, while also getting to intuitive perspectives on particular opportunities.  I also realised the power of combining painting and drawing on the same image.  Greys are important.

HeatherlyPatrick Earle