My self portrait

Working over a mirror 2

This is a reworking of a self portrait idea that I started with last year. I felt that there was more to be got by working with it again.

I like the idea and angle of perspective, as well as the resulting composition. I have always been attracted to breaking the conventional moulds of portrait composition. In our daily life we see people from all sorts of different angles that are not generally examined in the world of portraiture. I find that this one implies a solidity, an honest workman like approach which suits the way I see the world and perhaps myself.

The contrast between the solidity of the seat, legs and torso, with the etherial sense that surrounds the brush and canvas, almost as if the paint is floating off the brush appeals to me. It reminds me that the contrast between what can be achieved with pure earth colours and the Viridian/Alizarin axis is interesting and something that I would like to explore more.

It is also interesting to see how I have developed in the last 8 months by comparing this to the earlier entry ‘portrait over a mirror’.

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