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Patrick Earle

Fine Artist


Inviting joy in the visual

Through my art, I want to explore the profound joy and beauty in the visual experience.  Engaging with the immediacy and liveliness of visual components before we evaluate and judge the meaning and content.  I like to think that it is a  signpost of the profound nature of our world.

Our minds seek to label and categorise the things that we see so that we can process them.  In doing so we lose the immediacy of what is in front of us, contrasts in light and shade, energy, colours and their vibrancy.  The structure of the image as it moves past us in time and space, lines of energy and movement, vibrations and changes.  



My abstract work aims to explore more directly the joy of the visual experience that is around us every moment.  We tend to look at the world as a challenging place and want to expose its unfairness, inequality, threat and injustice.  This is important work for art, but in doing it we forget the beauty that there is in life and the immediacy of that beauty in the visual experience, irrespective of what it is that is in the scene.  In some respects this might be part of a deeper truth of human existence. Free trial period - ask the artist

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In my figurative work, I seek to expose some of the vibrancy of the object or person so that it is radiated from the work, bringing forward the emotions and liveliness of the ‘thing’.

In this way we can still see a link from things and people to the beauty of how they are in the world and the vibrancy and energy that they have.  

 Art Analysis


Looking back in art history, the great painters have organised and structured their paintings so that they bring delight, through the composition of the image, whatever the narrative they have painted into their commissions.  We often look at historic painting for the narrative around the painting, the social implications of the situation and forget to look at the painting as an organised set of marks on canvas, of pictorial elements. 

I enjoy and learn from examining these paintings in this light, it gives me great pleasure and I have started to include blog posts assessing the construction of individual paintings.  

About the Artist


Having trained as a portrait painter, I aimed to capture something of the vibrancy of human existence.  My interest has since turned to abstract painting as a way to explore the vibrancy of the visual experience. We see a rainbow of colours, energy, rhythm, contrasts and shapes before mentally turning them into the recognition of things and reactions to those things.  The beauty and energy of that dynamic visualscape is what I aim to explore in my painting.